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    Our team at Perfect Storm Shutters consists of experienced professionals, licensed and insured contractors who are committed to the highest standard in installation work.


    Our mission is to provide our customers with the most professional, courteous service and quality hurricane shutters in Miami & throughout South Florida. We want you to have a great experience when it comes time for any repairs or replacements on your home's windows - so we work hard at being reachable by phone 24/7 as well as online through Facebook Messenger chat where one of our friendly representatives will gladly help answer any questions that might come up about their products!


    The Florida coast is home to some of the strongest and most violent storms in America, but with Perfect Storm Shutters, you can feel rest assured and confident knowing that your property will be well protected. We’ve been installing quality hurricane shutters since 2002; helping our community protect its residential properties from high winds as well as water damage caused by nor'easters or rainstorms. Check out our Reviews! 


    As one of Tampa Bay's oldest companies on this topic (in business since 2000), we know how important it is for these buildings not only to stand up against nature but thrive during times when Mother Nature lashes out at us all without warning!


    Whether you are looking for accordion, roll down, Bahamas or storm panels we can help.


    Through our quality workmanship, attention to detail, and prompt service we have built a solid reputation for customer satisfaction. Together with you as one of the most important aspects in making sure your customers receive what they deserve: The professionalism that only comes from Perfect Storm Shutters.

    - Jose Romero (President)

    Wholesale Services

    We welcome installers all over the world to our family of products. Wholesale Accordions Shutters, Wholesale Roll up shutters, Wholesale Bahama Shutters, best Prices in Town. We sell shutters to DIY consumers. Residential and Commercial.


    Perfect Storm Shutters, Inc. has been serving South Florida since 2002. We manufacture and install quality hurricane shutters to help protect residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Contact our friendly staff today. 



    Manufacturing quality products along with safety always in mind is our top priority. Our products meet eye to eye with the industry's high standards. 



    Miami PERFECT STORM is offering now ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING also known as POWDER COATING is the most advanced method



    Why should I get hurricane shutters? Can I lower my insurance premium by installing shutters? If you live in hurricane-prone areas such as coastal counties from Texas to Maine, you may receive up to 30%!  Cover your window openings today!