A Look at the Architecture of The Bahamas

Bahamas architecture

The Bahamas offer unbeatable beaches and incredible culture, making these Caribbean islands a truly fabulous place to visit and live.

Architecture in The Bahamas is a beautiful mix of colonial houses, clapboard cottages, and modern villas.

Each one tells its own story, and together they create a unique and charming landscape surrounded by turquoise waters and lush greenery.

If you want to know more about Bahamian Architecture, let’s take a look.

Colonial Houses 

Colonial homes are the most common type of architecture in The Bahamas,

which were once a British colony and are now part of the Commonwealth.

They have white, colonial-style roofs and are usually made from coral limestone or wood.

Based on British architecture, colonial houses in The Bahamas typically have a verandah that wraps around the entire house.

Native builders made their own changes to get the best of the class, incorporating more porches,

windows and verandahs to make indoor living more comfortable.

They also used light colors to reflect the sun and create charming, vibrant communities. 

Clapboard Cottages

Another type of architecture commonly seen in The Bahamas is clapboard cottages,

which are made of wood with wide verandahs and large windows.

The British initially built clapboard cottages, but they were later adopted by the Bahamians.

Clapboard homes are designed to keep cool in the hot,

humid climate because they are made over low stilts for air circulation;

in fact, their open orientation makes the most of natural winds.

If you want to enjoy the fresh air and a Bahamian breeze, a clapboard cottage is perfect for you.

Modern Villas

Finally, we have modern villas, which are the newest type of architecture in The Bahamas.

Modern villas are becoming more and more popular thanks to their energy-efficient and eco-friendly design.

They often have solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems,

and green roofs, making these villas more sustainable and efficient than traditional homes.

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So, there you have it! A brief overview of the different types of architecture that you can find in The Bahamas.

Each one has its own unique features, and together they create a beautiful landscape.

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