Accordion Shutters Anguilla

As a resilient island paradise, Anguilla has seen its fair share of hurricane activity. To island residents, Irma and Maria represent far more than women’s names. And yet, as residents and business owners can attest, the secret to their resiliency is in their optimism, only matched by their ample hurricane preparation and protection.

In hurricane-prone areas like Anguilla where tropical weather and storms are a reality that they must live with, it becomes crucial for residents and business owners to have the best hurricane protection possible.

Protecting Residential and Commercial Properties Since 2002

At Perfect Storm Shutters, we have served Anguilla and its people since 2002 with the finest hurricane preparedness and protection products available on the market today. We are the one-stop resource for manufacturing and installing quality hurricane shutters in Anguilla to help protect residential and commercial properties.

Protecting Your Important Investments

Whether you own a home or business on the island, you’ve made a huge investment in it. And having the right hurricane mitigation products help protect that investment. While there is nothing that can be done about weather events like hurricanes, there is a lot you can do to be prepared and protected from the storm.

  • Anguilla Hurricane Panels -- one of the most cost-effective yet efficient ways of protecting your home or business against hurricane activity are hurricane storm panels. These come in a variety of thicknesses and materials, all having been engineered to meet the strict criteria set out by Miami-Dade County product control division. Simple to use, simple to store, our rugged hurricane panels have stood the test of time.
  • Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Anguilla -- Accordion hurricane shutters provide maximum protection with minimum work. In a matter of minutes, our accordion shutters are deployed and ready to protect your home from an impending storm. Our shutters are manufactured from heavy-gauge aluminum and require little maintenance.
  • Roll Down Hurricane Shutters in Anguilla -- Roll down hurricane shutters offer another ease-of-use option that can be operated both manually or electrically. Offering exceptional storm protection, added security and sleek design, roll down shutters remain virtually unseen when not in use.
  • Colonial and Bahama Shutters in Anguilla-- Our colonial and Bahama shutters offer traditional aesthetics, lending charm and beauty to your home while providing maximum hurricane protection. These shutters are available in many colors so you are sure to find a match for your home or business.
  • Anguilla Impact Windows -- Never again worry about installing panels or shutters with our hurricane impact windows. Providing the highest ease of use with incredible storm protection, these windows have been fortified with layers of glass and a polyvinyl membrane manufactured to withstand up to 165 mile per hour winds.
  • Screen protectors -- window hurricane screen protectors in Anguilla are a hurricane panel alternative known for their exceptional ease of use and lightweight construction. Our Hurricane Screen Protectors are versatile and cost-effective and require no tools for installation.

Peace of Mind When a Storm Is Imminent

Even the best of hurricane protection products may not be enough in the case of a disastrous storm, but it pays to be as protected as possible. Our shutters, impact windows, panels and other protection products meet or exceed Miami-Dade County codes and standards, ensuring that you are getting the best hurricane protection on the market.

With the installation of quality hurricane shutters from Perfect Storm Shutters, you can have peace of mind that your home, your business and your family are protected from a large windstorm in Anguilla. Contact us today for a free quote.

Wholesale Services

We welcome installers all over the world to our family of products. Wholesale Accordions Shutters, Wholesale Roll up shutters, Wholesale Bahama Shutters, best Prices in Town. We sell shutters to DIY consumers. Residential and Commercial.


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Miami PERFECT STORM is offering now ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING also known as POWDER COATING is the most advanced method


Why should I get hurricane shutters? Can I lower my insurance premium by installing shutters? If you live in hurricane-prone areas such as coastal counties from Texas to Maine, you may receive up to 30%!  Cover your window openings today!