Caribbean Architecture: A Melting Pot of Styles


Caribbean Architecture is one of the most exciting in the world. We found styles from all over the globe in Caribbean countries, creating a unique and eclectic mix. 

From Spanish colonial style to British West Indian style, each country has its distinct look. So if you want to learn more about Caribbean architecture, read on!

Rich Architectural Styles and More

colonial architecture

The architectural styles came from many different places, including Spain, Portugal, and Britain. 

Types include Spanish Colonial style, which is characterized by red tile roofs and stucco walls; 

British West Indian type (also known as Caribbean Georgian) features white painted wood siding with shutters and windows to keep the sun’s heat.

Portuguese-influenced styles have large balconies on upper floors that offer beautiful ocean views.

Some unique Caribbean styles have developed over time. In Barbados, we found one example, which is the gingerbread style.

This style features intricate woodworking details and is often painted in bright colors.

Some of the most popular materials to build houses in that time were cedar and mahogany, both abundant throughout Caribbean countries.

The Dutch used bricks and stone in colonial rule over St. Maarten (1648-1816), but when this island was ceded to France, it became home to French Creole architecture instead.

Bahamian Vernacular architecture is another style that we found on many islands.

This style built houses made from concrete blocks and stucco, with metal roofs.


The essential features


The essential features of Caribbean colonial architecture are solutions to the problem of high temperatures.

The design needs to get the best about shade and ventilation.

 Today, Caribbean architecture is still being used and adapted to the needs of the people.

For example, there has been a growing trend of adapting the British West Indian style in private homes in recent years.

Regardless of style, size, or budget, Caribbean architecture continues to be a source of great pride for its residents and an excuse for many to come and enjoy it.

Here at Perfect Storm Shutters, we aim to protect the integrity of the structures.

At the same time provide security from burglars, offering protection from high and dangerous winds. 

For that reason, we adapt our designs, materials, and processes so that you can continue to enjoy the architecture and designs without breaking their harmony.

Let’s take a look!