Accordion Shutters Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands, despite their location, don’t see the same type of hurricane activity as the coastal areas of the United States. This is because the Caribbean is often the birthplace of storm activity and winds begin as tropical waves or depressions and gain strength as they move across warm, open water. That said, as we know, different islands are at different risk for activity and damage. And if you own a home or business on one of the islands, you owe it to yourself and your investment to be prepared.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

At Perfect Storm Shutters, we carry a broad array of shutters and hurricane protection products. Each of these is designed and engineered to meet the needs of areas such as the Caribbean Islands and other areas that see a great number of named storms each year. These products are tailored to the needs of our customers and to their budgets and include:

  • Hurricane panels in the Caribbean Islands
  • Accordion hurricane shutters
  • Roll down hurricane shutters
  • Bahama shutters in the Caribbean Islands
  • Hurricane screen protectors
  • Impact-resistant doors and windows

What sets us apart is our dedication, our workmanship and the quality of our products.

Having the right hurricane protection for your home offers many benefits:

  • Avoids costly storm damage and repair costs
  • Protects your home and business
  • Adds security
  • Provides more energy efficiency
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Ensures against wind and rain intrusion in vulnerable entry points.

The Benefits of Accordion Hurricane Shutters in the Caribbean Islands

Here in the Caribbean, we have many outdoor areas that require protection from hurricane-force winds and storm destruction. Accordion shutters not only protect windows and doors but also more expansive entryways, patios, balconies and other outdoor areas.

Accordion shutters offer convenient protection to allow your home or business to be made storm-ready in a matter of minutes. One person can easily make hurricane preparations with accordion shutters. They are also particularly useful for second-story applications.

Roll Down Shutters

With our roll down hurricane shutters in the Caribbean Islands, you can rest assured that you have some of the strongest and most durable hurricane shutters available. Because of their ease of operation, they can be put into place by one person either with a manual crank or with the push of a button to engage a small electric motor.

Roll down shutters can work for windows and doors but also for balconies, patios and porches. Some property owners will also use roll down shutters for added insulation, privacy and theft protection.

Bahama Shutters

Having the option of Bahama shutters in the Caribbean is two-fold. Not only do they offer a tropical feel and look but they offer protection without any further installation.

Bahama shutters are mounted on your home permanently and can open and close securely without the need for any additional tools. They offer storm protection as well as added insulation against our strong sun and can be adjusted easily at any time.

Hurricane Impact Windows in the Caribbean Islands

Installation is not even an issue with hurricane impact windows. Manufactured with 2 panes of heavy glass sandwiching a polyvinyl insert, these windows will protect from winds up to 165 miles per hour and ensure that any breakage will stay intact.

Window Hurricane Screen Protectors in the Caribbean Islands

Screen hurricane protection is lightweight, cost-effective and easy to use.

Call a Professional

Since 2002, Perfect Storm Shutters has built a reputation of quality and professionalism both throughout the state of Florida as well as the Caribbean Islands. We know hurricane protection and have offered the best hurricane protection products in the industry that meet or exceed Miami-Dade hurricane code approval. Contact us today for a free quote.

Wholesale Services

We welcome installers all over the world to our family of products. Wholesale Accordions Shutters, Wholesale Roll up shutters, Wholesale Bahama Shutters, best Prices in Town. We sell shutters to DIY consumers. Residential and Commercial.


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Miami PERFECT STORM is offering now ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING also known as POWDER COATING is the most advanced method


Why should I get hurricane shutters? Can I lower my insurance premium by installing shutters? If you live in hurricane-prone areas such as coastal counties from Texas to Maine, you may receive up to 30%!  Cover your window openings today!