Accordion Shutters Key Biscayne City

Since 2002, Perfect Storm Shutters has been the Key Biscayne hurricane shutter resource to trust, manufacturing and installing quality shutters and systems that protect both homes and businesses here and throughout South Florida and the islands.

Our quality workmanship, attention to detail and dedication to customer service have set us apart in the hurricane shutter industry.

Customization of the Finest Products

Those of us who live and work in hurricane-prone areas know the vulnerability you feel when the NOAA names a storm that looks as if it may track near you. You have enough to worry about without worrying about the protection of your windows and doors. At Perfect Storm Shutters, we don't just offer the finest in hurricane protection. We offer peace of mind.

Storm Panels

Hurricane panels in Key Biscayne have been the old stand-by for decades. And there is a good reason for this. They are cost-effective, reliable, easy to install and easy to store. Our storm panels are made of heavy-duty aluminum, galvanized steel or sturdy, see-through thermoplastic resin and are cut to fit any opening in your home.

 Accordion Shutters

Our high-velocity accordion shutters help provide incredible storm protection and security. Easily operated and secured with locks, accordions are one of the most popular styles for homes with a 2nd story. Key Biscayne accordion shutters can not only protect doors and windows but also balconies, patios or other outdoor areas. Our accordion shutter products are fully customizable and require little maintenance.

Roll Down Shutters in Key Biscayne

Roll down shutters are installed above doors and windows and offer incredible protection from storm winds and flying debris. Offering both manual and electric operation, both are easy to use. Aesthetically, roll down shutters offer little detection when not in use.

Bahama Shutters

Here in South Florida, there is nothing more quintessential to our old-Florida heritage than the sight of Bahama shutters. Offering aesthetic appeal for a traditional tropical vibe, Key Biscayne Bahama shutters also offer substantial hurricane protection as well as energy savings for your home. These shutters are easily closed when needed and can be adjusted as needed to provide the right amount of shade for each sun exposure area of the home or building.

Impact Windows in Key Biscayne

Perhaps the most modern and easiest hurricane protection solution, impact-resistant windows and doors are layers of heavy-duty glass that have been fortified with a protective polyvinyl insert. These windows protect your home or commercial building from flying debris and hurricane-force winds up to 165 miles per hour. If any breakage occurs, pieces are held firmly in place to ensure against an interior change in pressure and the damaging consequences.

Window Hurricane Screen Protector in Key Biscayne

Offering heavy-duty protection from flying debris, Hurricane Screen Protector wind abatement products are lightweight and see-through. Their lightweight nature adds to their installation ease and they offer multiple mounting options, including track systems and roll ups.

All our products are engineered to adhere to the most stringent standards set forth by the Miami-Dade County product control division, the gold standard in hurricane protection products today.

Your home is one of the largest investments of a lifetime. Don’t leave it unprotected during hurricane season. If you are looking for the finest quality in storm protection systems with a dedication to customer service and workmanship, Perfect Storm Shutters is your one-stop shop.

We offer a team of licensed and insured contractors and installation technicians who are committed to providing you with the best products and the most prompt and courteous service in the industry today. Contact us today to learn about your hurricane protection options before it’s too late. We serve the following zip codes and more: 33149.

Wholesale Services

We welcome installers all over the world to our family of products. Wholesale Accordions Shutters, Wholesale Roll up shutters, Wholesale Bahama Shutters, best Prices in Town. We sell shutters to DIY consumers. Residential and Commercial.


Perfect Storm Shutters, Inc. has been serving South Florida since 2002. We manufacture and install quality hurricane shutters to help protect residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Contact our friendly staff today. 


Manufacturing quality products along with safety always in mind is our top priority. Our products meet eye to eye with the industry's high standards. 


Miami PERFECT STORM is offering now ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING also known as POWDER COATING is the most advanced method


Why should I get hurricane shutters? Can I lower my insurance premium by installing shutters? If you live in hurricane-prone areas such as coastal counties from Texas to Maine, you may receive up to 30%!  Cover your window openings today!