When you live in hurricane prone areas such as Florida, hurricane shutters are an excellent investment for protection of life and property. These shutters can range anywhere from aluminum panels, to accordion shutters, or you can even have electric/manual roll-down shutters for more convenience. These different types of hurricane shutters will protect windows and doors from wind, and more importantly, from any flying debris. Much of the damage that occurred from Andrew in southern Dade County resulted because of failure to efficiently protect windows and doors. These failures frequently lead to interior wall failure and sometimes roof failure as well. Much of the damage from hurricane Andrew could have been prevented by shutters or other well-installed covers for the windows and doors.

Perfect Storm Shutters Is Your Best Friend During The Hurricane Season

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- Jose Romero (President)

So, Why Perfect Storm Shutters?

The Florida coast is home to some of the strongest and most violent storms in America, but with Perfect Storm Shutters, you can feel rest assured and confident knowing that your property will be well protected. We’ve been installing quality hurricane shutters in Miami since 2002; helping our community protect its residential properties from high winds as well as water damage caused by nor'easters or rainstorms. Check out our Reviews!