Miami Colonial & Bahama shutters not only add to the aesthetic beauty of your home but provide a level of security by protecting your home from violent hurricane winds and debris. ​Our Miami Colonial and Bahama shutters come with a built-in storm bar eliminating the need for extra installation; they are secured with a pin lock or z-clip.

While enhancing the beauty of the home, the Bahama shutter provides shade from direct sunlight while allowing a degree of visibility between the louvers. They can be secured flat against the wall to provide additional protection from flying debris during a hurricane or storm.

The Colonial shutter provides a traditional look. Like the Bahama shutter, they can also be closed in front of the window to provide protection from flying debris during a storm or hurricane. The Colonial shutter requires a storm bar.

​In Miami, the Bahama/Colonial shutters provide visibility when closed and interior and exterior operation is available for your home. Our Bahama/Colonial shutters are made of extruded aluminum and can be powder-coated to almost any color you desire.

colonial bahama shutters photo


  • They are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Provides visibility unlike accordion shutters.
  • Can be operated from both the interior and exterior.
  • Provides a level of protection for your home.