Impact Windows

In Miami, impact windows are an excellent alternative to other systems of hurricane shutters or storm panels. We offer both aluminum-frame impact windows and vinyl-frame impact windows.

Our impact resistant windows in Miami are being manufactured with a polyvinyl membrane in the middle layer capable to withstand storm winds up to 165 miles per hour resisting the impact of airborne debris during a storm, hurricane windows are designed to stay in one piece, protecting the building from the devastating effects of high winds. These windows could also provide additional benefits including energy efficiency in your structure while providing sound and UV protection.

In addition to providing hurricane protection, our Miami impact windows are the most visually pleasing alternative because essentially there are no additions made to the structure of the building.

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  • Round-the-clock hurricane protection
  • Noise reduction
  • No visible visual impact to your home or business
  • Proven quality
  • Energy efficient
  • Provide permanent protection against storms and hurricanes at any time
  • When glass cracks will create a spider-like cracking pattern
  • A much higher sound insulation rating due to its damping effect